Alice has been teaching piano and voice for almost 10 years. She believes that playing piano is not merely a study of other people’s works, it is the creation of one’s own material and experimentation in improvisation and accompanying.

She was born in Minsk, Belarus, where she graduated from a Music school majoring in singing, piano and music theory.

Alice started playing piano and singing when she was 5 years old which both have provided her with tremendous musical experiences and growth. She has worked with soloists, accompanying soloists and herself, led church worship and was responsible for music programs in summer camps.

After graduating high school Alice decided to complete a Bachelors in Computer Studies. It might look like these two spheres are far from each other, however Alice believed that technology would help her discover new horizons in music and complement the skill that she’s honed since a young age. She graduated with high accolades and continued her music career path. 

Alice has always had a passion for teaching kids so she volunteered in many summer camps where she was responsible for music programs, teaching private piano, voice and music theory lessons and performing and accompanying concert performances.

In 2008 she was assigned to be Assistant Music Director in one of the most successful churches in Belarus. She coordinated the programs, communicated with many artists and performed with them.

She has been playing with her bands at special events and continually develops different genres and styles of music.

After moving to the US, she decided to pursue a Vocal Jazz degree. She combines studying and working part-time as a piano accompanist and vocalist for different types of performances. Besides being a part of Piano Teacher Girl Team, Alice also instructs at Recreational Centers all around Los Angeles. Her private students helped her gain valuable experience enhancing her ability to work with different ages and professional levels. During her studies at the Pasadena City College she received the scholarships and awards for the Excellence in Music Studies and Outstanding Academic and Musical Achievement.