Blenda Lau, who grew up in Hong Kong (China), had been playing the piano and violin since the age of 7. In 2013, with the Berklee Entrance Scholarship, she began her study at Berklee College of Music, with Film Scoring and Contemporary Writing & Production as her dual majors, minoring in Recording and Production for Musicians. Her principal instrument is piano/keyboard, but she also performs as a violinist and pipa-ist.

In July 2013, half year after she moved to Boston, she joined the Rhythm of the Universe. Enlightened with the fusion music that they were doing, she performed and arranged a traditional Chinese tune with beatboxer, Gene Shinozaki, and didgeridoo player, Max Jackson.

In July 2014, she started the band, Jong Jazz, of her playing the pipa with Billy Yeung on Dizi/Saxophone/Ewi, Jason Lee on violin and Victor Gonzalez on double bass. Then they began performing around Boston area. In January 2015, they were invited to tour for 10 days in Guangzhou, China.

Graduated in May 2015, she now moves to Los Angeles, CA and has started her music career as a film composer.