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Cansu began her musical life at the age of eight in the conservatory as a violinist. Her early career featured many performances as a host of European Youth Symphony Orchestra’s. After graduating from Dokuz Eylul State Conservatory in Turkey, she started to work at Izmir State Theater Orchestra as a violinist. While working there she collaborated with members from the Royal Opera House which came to the Istanbul for one month run of La Boheme. In 2015, Cansu began attending Berklee College of Music where she became a member of the World Strings Ensemble and played for countless recording sessions, amongst those for a documentary by Dr. Jane Goodall Institute and recording a live album for Kaki King with Birn.

After graduating from Berklee College of Music, Cansu moved to Santa Monica, CA and started performing with Crown City and Culver City Symphony Orchestra. She also teaches many private students ranging in age from 9 - 14, the Colburn School of Music.

“Everyone should learn an instrument at some point of their life, even though if it’s not for a professional career choice. I believe it’s one of the most amusive experience in life, especially growing up as a kid with playing an instrument is so special. I always try to have fun with my students while practicing, and started to realized that teaching is unbelievably fulfilling.”