Daniel D.



Musician and educator Daniel DiPaolo began formal study of the piano at age 8, French horn at 9, and guitar at age 13. He is passionate about music and lives to share that passion with his students.

Daniel’s obsession with music was sealed once his guitar teacher introduced him to chords, scales, and approaches to creating and organizing improvisations, unlocking his ears and imagination.

This curiosity lead him to the academic world, where his graduate work focused on tonal theory, popular music (especially Steely Dan, Brad Mehldau, and Frank Zappa), and the history of theory.

From 2010–2019, Daniel taught music theory, ear training, and fundamentals at NYU’s Steinhardt School. He also lead instruction in Music Humanities at Columbia University and the History of Rock and Rap at Montclair State University.

Daniel has a diverse skillset at the keyboard, being capable in classical, jazz, and popular styles. He can help take you to the next level as a player, reader, improvisor, and thinker. His greatest strengths are his passion and his ability to bridge theory and practice.

Daniel holds advanced degrees in historical musicology and music theory from King’s College London and Columbia University. He was born in Albany, NY, and after 13 years in New York City, now calls Los Angeles home.