Daniel R.


Daniel Rosales holds a Master of Music degree in Performance with an emphasis on classical guitar from the University of Arizona and a Bachelor of Music degree in Performance from Texas A&M University Corpus Christi.

In addition to his classical training, Daniel has performed other genres, such as Latin, world, Cuban, salsa, Spanish rock, rock, metal, blues, nuevo flamenco, jazz, folk, and singer-songwriter. 

Daniel has performed at numerous venues in Spain, Turkey, and Mexico, as well as venues in Texas, Arizona, California, and Oregon. He recorded two albums with his former Latin/world music band Mundo that feature all original music. He is a registered ASCAP songwriter and is currently working on new music to be released in 2019. 

Daniel has taught private and group guitar lessons at various colleges and music academies, as well as freelance, for several years. His unique ability to learn different styles of music with virtuosity and finesse is a valuable asset to his teaching. He believes that everyone has the potential to learn a musical instrument, and that with the right guidance, a dream can become a reality!