Jeremiah Gonzales is a Los Angeles based pianist, vocalist, composer, and dancer. A man of many interests, Jeremiah presents himself as well rounded musical artist, finding the connections between all of his passions. He currently resides in Northridge, California and studies music at California State University, Northridge (CSUN). He will graduate in the upcoming winter of December 2019 with a Bachelors degree in piano performance.  

Jeremiah found his intrigue in classical piano at a later age during his sophomore year of high school at the age of fifteen. At this time, he met his first teacher and mentor in both life and music, Chet Noll. He studied with Chet at the Keyboard Art School of Music for three years until he graduated and left for collegiate study in 2015. Since his time at CSUN, he has studied piano under the tutelage of the late professor Edward Francis, Jason Stoll, and currently with Dr. Dmitry Rachmanov. 

Alongside his studies at the piano, Jeremiah is an accomplished composer, vocalist, and is a devoted Ballroom and Latin dancer. What brings him most joy is performing for live audiences but also fostering the talents of driven and passionate students of all ages.