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Laura Bustillos began passionately studying music theory, voice, keyboard, and guitar lessons as a young child. She completed a BA in education, studied Music at Juilliard New York and Psychology with a 4.0 GPA that awarded her a top spot on the President's List. Her diverse musical background includes several shows with her band around the United States, Europe, Canada and South America with countless bands, as well as Disney pop artists.

Laura has been instructing and coaching students privately, in workshops, and at different music schools for nearly 20 years. She self produced and wrote many albums, in which one was a part of the Grammy Awards. Passionately committed to coaching students from all ages, Laura enjoys guiding people to their maximum potential! Laura is an active member of the Recording Academy and her songs are part of several television shows, as well as a number of movies.

Laura continues to surprise her clients with her extensive experience, studies and her true passion to teach not only music, but also multiple subjects as a life coach. Her goal is to continue lifting up students of all ages through a highly productive, inspiring and complete JOYFUL learning experience. Music Enhances higher brain functions and forces the brain to focus and perform.