Yung Hsin


Yung-Hsin was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1991. She started taking piano and violin lessons at a young age and after playing both instruments for more than 13 years, decided to pursue music as a profession. In 2009 she got accepted into Taipei Municipal University of Education as piano major and violin minor, where she graduated with a focus on pedagogy. She was gaining experience working with children as an elementary school teacher at a public school in Taipei, while at the same time, working for three years for a private music studio teaching piano and violin students from early age to adults.

In order to broaden her musical studies, Yung-Hsin moved to Boston, USA, in 2013 after being accepted at Berklee College of Music on a World Tour Scholarship. At the same time, she was very active as the pianist of the student-run Society of Composers, where she collaborated with various composers on their works and also had her pieces performed and recorded by student orchestras. She was the solo and ensemble pianist for the society’s Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 concerts.

In 2016, she had the honor to serve as arranger and conductor for Chinese pop star Leehom Wang at a performance with full orchestra, choir and pop band at Boston’s Symphony Hall. In December 2017, she completed her diploma certificate with a major in Film Scoring and a minor in Scoring for TV and New Media.

Yung-Hsin moved to Los Angeles in 2108 and began to work on short films with different directors. She has finished scoring five projects so far. Her teaching philosophy focuses on reaching students at their individual needs and musical interests. Technical proficiency is paired with an emphasis on helping students to find and express their own and music’s inner emotions.