Should a student take lessons in the Summer?

The question a lot of parents might be thinking is right now is.....

"Is Summer the right time to start music lessons?" 

The short answer is, YES!  Summer is a great time to start taking music lessons.  And here's why:

There is more time now that school is out!

This is a great time to focus on learning a musical instrument, primarily because there is no schoolwork that a student needs to focus on.  As adults, we know how difficult it is to learn a new skill while juggling work and family commitments.  Imagine that students have to juggle a full day of school, plus homework, in addition to any extracurriculars, and it's no wonder that it's tough to focus on everything equally during the school year.  The Summer is supposed to be about fun, relaxation, and traveling, but kids also want to spend time learning and exploring, and music is one of the best things in the world for this!  

Music lessons provide a way to set small goals that are consistently reachable for major rewards!

Anyone who has committed to a goal knows, once the goal is reached, it takes a bit of extra motivation to set a new goal.  Think of learning music like setting up a constant series of goals to meet, with ever increasing gains!  As an avid endurance athlete, once I finish a race, I assess what went well and what didn't, and then I'm already thinking about the next one, but that might be 6 months away.  There's a chance in those 6 months to lose some much needed motivation and commitment. Taking music lessons regularly is a way to set small goals repeatedly, reach them regularly, and benefit from them consistently!  There's no break between the satisfaction of achieving goals when they're set in manageable increments, and consequently, not much boredom with the process as a result.  

Learning music during the summer puts a student well ahead of the pack for the school year!

Maybe your child just wants to learn music for fun, or maybe they want to try out for their school band of orchestra.  In any case, taking lessons now is going to put them well ahead their peers who are starting an instrument at the beginning of the school year.  And it's been proven over and over again that music lessons help a student in all aspects of their academic pursuits.  With the ever more increasingly competitive world we are becoming, and college applications just around the corner, getting students involved in music now will help them ream the benefits and put them a cut above the rest.  Take it from a musically inclined, but not very academically gifted former college applicant like myself, learning music makes a student well-rounded and a lot more likely to succeed in many academic pursuits!


But what's the scheduling like during the summer, can it be flexible?

Yes!  We offer flexible Summer packages that will work with your schedule.  Check out and scroll down to the Summer Lesson Package rates to pick one that works for you.  We offer different lesson length increments in packages of 6, 8 and 10 that will carry you through the Summer months.